We’ve been in a seller’s market for some time in North Texas, but the latest numbers suggest that’s starting to change.


For years we’ve been hearing about what a great market ours is for sellers and what a tough market it is for buyers, but the most recent numbers suggest things are leveling off in North Texas.

Year over year, we have 4% more new listings on the market and we’ve seen a drop in sales of 10%. The average days on market, on the other hand, has risen.

“Buyers have a lot more homes to choose from out there.”

This means sellers are having to price their properties more aggressively, pay more attention to the presentation of their property, and negotiate more than they used to. This also means buyers have a lot more homes to choose from out there. What this news means specifically to you depends on your neighborhood and your current situation.

We can help you with all the details of your home sale or home purchase, so if you’re thinking of buying or selling or you have any other questions about our market, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you.