Zillow is one of the most common websites used today by people trying to figure out the value of their home.

However, while Zillow might be a good way to get a ballpark figure, you might think twice about trusting its accuracy. In fact, The New York Times and multiple Seattle newspapers have reported that the CEO of Zillow sold his home for 40% less than the Zestimate.

In other words, the Zestimate can be and often is, inaccurate. Right here in Dallas, it tends to be off by an average of 5%.

This might sound like a fairly close evaluation but for those seriously considering buying or selling a home 5% could total about $15,000 in today’s local market
 “The best way to make sure that your estimate is accurate is to hire a real estate professional.”
The best way to make sure that your estimate is accurate and that you are making the most out of a real estate transaction is to hire a real estate professional.

Working alongside someone able to determine a realistic price is going to make a big difference in your pocket.

So how does Zillow determine values, anyway? Well, they use a computer. As you and I both know, a computer is not what determines the value of a home.

A home’s value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay as well as what the seller is willing to list it for. These two figures can be vastly different from what a computer might estimate.

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