It is time for an update on your North Texas market.


Today we want to give you the latest on what the real estate market is doing in North Texas.

The news is very interesting for July. There were more new listings and fewer actual sales. And, the homes listed spent more days on the market.

While all of this happened, home prices continued to increase by 5% or 6%. This is good news, and it’s even better news for those who’ve been sitting out the market because there are now more houses available.

“If you were frustrated before because there were so many multiple offer situations and you felt like you didn’t have a chance to think about things, you should know that now you are much more likely to negotiate a deal that works better for you.”

Also, if you need to sell your current home before you buy, this is a better market for you. The seller of your next home is a lot more likely to consider an offer from you if you have to sell your home first. This is called a contingency offer.

We know that your situation is unique, which is why if you are interested in buying or selling, we hope that you give us a call. We would be happy to help you reach your real estate goals.